turmeric_ground-single-webThe Caribbean and indeed Grenada boasts many spices, after all we are the Isle of Spice! One of our spices of great importance is Turmeric (Curcuma domestica). But don’t ask the average Grenadian for Turmeric, just ask for that special ingredient we put in “Oil Down”, the national dish. Affectionately called “Saffron”, not to be confused with Crocus sativus, the Grenadian Turmeric grows just about everywhere and is always available. It has been a key ingredient in local cuisine and medicine for generations, whether in yellow rice, Oil Down (Grenada), Chow Chow (Trinidad), Curry chicken, soups, Golden Milk or smoothies.

Health Benefits:
Many of the health benefits now being proclaimed in Turmeric come as welcomed news for Grenadians who have been using the spice for generations just for its great taste. Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric is believed to address many health issues. The anti-inflammatory compounds are known to be powerful inflammation-suppressors. Several other major health benefits like cardio-vascular health, cancer fighters and more are well expounded elsewhere so there is no need to rehash, we have included some links below.

Key Differentiator:
Turmeric is highly prevalent in India and other places, so why would you prefer Grenadian Turmeric? Well, after all we are PURE GRENADA! Our products boast natural growing and harvesting, no GMO’s, no chemical interference, just simple good down to earth healthy spices. Mass-produced spices can sometimes run risks of contaminants, our Caribbean spices are done in small batches and closely supervised. Arguably we stand a better chance of delivering healthy uncontaminated spices to your table, which just makes plain good sense!turmeric_ground-label

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Important: Always check with your physician before using Turmeric or any potent spice if pregnant, had recent surgery  or are on medication.